You Don’t Always Have to Be in Pain to See Results

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Everyone wants to be the badass and do the workout that mortals can’t do. All they seem to want in their workout is more. They keep going more extreme until they reach ludicrous. These are the people bragging about their accomplishments while they walk around in a boot or with surgery scars. It’s ok to be in pain occasionally “during” exercise, not “before”. This path leads to burn out, blunted results, injury and a forever altered lifestyle because of what I “used” to do.

Your body is not designed to be repeatedly pushed to the edge every workout. Pushed to it’s limits over and over will cause it to break down. Overtraining is real. It will derail your efforts to reach your goals. Lack of results can be frustrating causing you to bang your head against that wall even harder and taking you further down the rabbit hole.

The answer is simple, not easy. Train with a plan, not with your ego. You care more about what you do with your training than other people. Be smart with your planning then train hard. Build in recovery and reap the rewards of progress. Acknowledge your accomplishments to yourself and be humble about them. The people in your life want you to be healthy, they just don’t want you to be a jerk about it.


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