Is your workout science or science fiction?

Injuries happen to us all. No matter how careful you are, but there is no need to rush into an injury because of your training. I see people training doing things they have no business doing. They’re willing to sacrifice correct form for ego-based training. Unwittingly shortening their training lives and long-term results. They concentrate on load, reps and time without incorporating a foundation of quality movement or form.

They get their knowledge of nutrition from magazine ads or the guy selling supplements at the mall. These people, left unchecked wind up injured. They continue to plow ahead into their training wearing their injuries as badges of honor, or rites of passage to get to the promised land of badass.

If you want injury reduced, there is no such thing as injury free, progression you have to look at your body as an organic adaptive organism, not as a machine and take a scientific approach.

1.Start with an assessment. Don’t start your training with where you want to be, start it with where you are now. Assess where you are now and use that information to construct the road map to where you want to go.

2.Start with a plan not a feeling. Your training should result in how you feel at the end of your training session not result in how you train during your session that day. train during that session.

3.Build recovery into your training. You have to train smart and hard to get improvements, but improvements don’t come if you don’t allow your body to repair from the stress of training.

4.Provide your body with the right raw materials at the right time. Nutrition is key to repair, growth and fuel. Learn your macronutrients. What ratios, timing and amounts you need to optimize your training.

Superheroes are science fiction and don’t live in our world. If you want to achieve superhuman results you need to use science and a little common sense not ego and dogma to get there. Be smart and separate yourself from the crowd.


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