Your 2020 fitness goals can still happen!

Now more than ever it is so important to prioritize your health and keep a positive attitude.

It is because of this that we have decided to extent our services and provide you with online training.

What does this membership entitles?

1. Initial Personalized assessment

We want to make sure we are meeting you where you are. During this 45-60 min one-on-one meeting we will make sure we learn everything about your goals, fitness and wellness history, workout preferences, etc. We will also perform body composition and mobility assessments.*

2. Live & On Demand Classes

We will provide you with access to our Live & On Demand Classes. These classes are taught via Zoom and posted on our closed Facebook group for you to watch on demand. We have a variety of classes for all levels and preferences. Our trainers will modify the exercises as needed to provide a full personalized experience.

3. Remote (At Home) Training


Based on your assessment, goals and needs we will design a workout for you to do at home. We will reassess every 8-12 weeks to check on your progress and overall satisfaction with our services. Our Alloy software allows us to give you workouts thru a video platform- so you won't have to worry about doing the exercises incorrectly! We will also give you instructions on the amount of weight and reps per exercise. We understand not everyone has workout equipment at home, so our trainers are more than happy to provide you with effective body weight routines.

4. Access to our Private Facebook Group

This is where you will find the classes On Demand. This an active and growing community! So besides having your personal trainer as accountability partner you'll have our other members cheering you up too! On this page we also post cooking/meal prep videos and host challenges.


join the tribe!


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