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Gyms are intimidating. 

We are not

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what to expect

This is more than a gym it's an experience toward a leaner, happier healthier you. Our team will meet you where you are to bring to your goals.


how it works

You work with our skilled Personal Trainers as they coach you through your training sessions. You will have regularly scheduled reassessments to make sure we are keeping you on track.


new client assessment

We will assess your quality of  movement & broad base hormone profile. Then custom tailor a personal fitness plan for your needs & goals.

Our Mission

We help you increase your “Play Span” by helping you to Be Healthier, Improve the quality of your movement, and Live your life in a stronger way. 

Catalyst Strength and Functional Nutrition is a personal training facility with a community feel.  At Catalyst, we focus on personalized, holistic health & wellness through strategic training, nutrition and education.



Your health and fitness is more than a workout and so should your program to improve it. We address every component which affects your health and fitness including nutrition, stress, sleep, digestion, hormones and fitness training. 



Not everyone moves the same, so everyone should not have the same workout. We identify where you move well and where you don't. We let that guide our excercise program for you and work with you to improve your overall movement.  



We realize you see strength training as a means to an end, not an occupation. We design your program to help you perform better at life and not just in the gym. We want you to move with less pain, not more, as a result of your training. 

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& Promise to You

Our goal at Catalyst is to improve our client’s “Play Span”

By “Play Span” we move the period of time that you can play at anything, sports, business, your kids, grandkids, life. 

We do this focusing on you during your training sessions with us. Improving the quality of your movement, increasing your strength in all ranges of motion and improving your stamina. For each of your 1 hour training sessions we got you. We will give what you need to succeed during your time with us.

We also Educate you on the “Other 23”. The 23 hours that you are not with us dramatically affect the quality of the time that you spend training with us. So we educate you on how you can develop healthier habits during that time.  Notice we didn’t say health, but healthier. We don’t need you to be healthy just healthier. If you can make 1 more hour of your day healthier than the previous day then you are healthier. Get one more hour of sleep, one more healthy meal, one more healthy habit then it increases what you get from your training with us and helps improve your “Play Span”

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